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Veterans Coming Home is developed in partnership with national organizations that serve both veteran and civilian constituencies and share common values of service and citizenship. These partnerships , together with the connections of local PBS stations nationwide, create an authentic grassroots campaign like few others.

Team Rubicon

Local Partners

NYC Veterans Alliance

Started in January 2015 by a group of NYC veterans and service providers, the NYC Veterans Alliance is a nonpartisan, grassroots coalition dedicated to connecting NYC veterans and organizations, advocating for improved policies that affect veterans and their families, informing the NYC veterans community and the public about policies and news affecting them, and empowering veterans to speak up and take action.

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United Way of Long Island

United Way of Long Island is a part of MISSION UNITED, a critical program supporting United States military veterans and their families as they re-acclimate to civilian life. MISSION UNITED focuses on employment services, education, financial services, health and housing support. The need for these services is particularly significant on Long Island as we have over 135,000 veterans living in our communities, of whom over 4,700 have entered the service since September 11, 2001.

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